Abi Dryburgh

Abi Dryburgh


♦  The Source  


A: I’m not interested in collaboration; I just want to make things.


B: Don’t you value the thoughts of others?


A: Discussion and feedback? That’s for insecure students. I want to earn it on my own.


B: You’re being foolish.


A: Why would you need others?


B: Why would you choose to isolate yourself?


A: They only dilute the work.


B: Creativity cannot survive in a vacuum, don’t you know that?


A: It should come through you alone.


B: It sometimes needs others to catalyse.


A: You are the lightning rod.


B: You seem to think of art as individual ideas, not an organic process.


A: And?


B: Not a conversation, but a monologue.


A: Artistic process is a singular pursuit.


B: No, it’s a mutual experience.


A: Any man who seeks partnership is a poor artist.


B: You’ve cut yourself off from the source, and as such I think you will stagnate.


A: I’d rather stagnate on my own than drown underneath others.


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Abi Dryburgh graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in 2014 and is now a bit bewildered. www.abidryburgh.com


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