Frances Davis Reading List

Frances Davis’ Reading List

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♦  Mapping the terrain: new genre public artSuzanne Lacy, Indiana University, 1995.


♦  Conversation Pieces, G.H. Kester, University of California Press,  2004.


♦  Relational Aesthetics, N. Bourriaud, Les Presses du Reel, 2002.


♦  Modest Proposals, Esche, Baglam Publishing, 2005.


♦  ‘Time capsule’, Lucy Lippard, Art and Social Change, editors W. Bradley & E. Esche, Tate Publishing /Afterall, London, 2007.


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Frances Davis’ practice is research-led, encompassing writing, moving image and performance, and event and exhibition production. She currently lives and works in Glasgow and Helmsdale, where she is Curatorial Assistant at Timespan.


Text: Here. Right now. Collaboration is Political.