Lauren Printy Currie

Lauren Printy Currie

Invited to collaborate by Valerie Norris


♦  (Deep Improvisation for improvised solo ideas. I try a modal approach.)  ♦


minor tonal,
building from lines,
E minor pentatonic.


The blues, it’s deep.
Do blue eyes see the world bluer?
Athena to O’Toole,
the great advocates of reciprocity made by the ocean.


We are the breath, it’s up to you to breathe.
A ‘memory’ / A series of ‘propositions’,
The World of dot dot dot fills plastic bags with air,
all surface and a no-touch zone.


Bicho turns many corners, bolts, m (plural bichos)
non-                 Art in Nantes
slang, vocative
buddy (close friend)
BESTA leave me behind
rapt by dominant-seventh chords.


We broke things down to a five-tone subset.
Counter-reliefs, 1959, 1961. Phew comfort zones! They solicit less attention. Why was it so important to work together?
It is like black paper you see, set it somewhere warm and it absorbs all frequencies of visible light.


(Deep improvisation drifts onto shallow flat beds at low tide.)


♦ ♦ ♦



Lauren Printy Currie is an artist based in Glasgow. She has partaken in recent exhibitions at Glasgow Sculpture Studios; SALTS, Basel; the Woodside Press, Bristol; and Forum Stadtpark, Graz.


In response to: Valerie Norris Deep Improvisation